Welcome to the Houston Bonsai Society!

The Houston Bonsai Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting area bonsai grower artists while promoting and preserving the ancient art of bonsai.

The Society offers workshops and study groups for beginners and advanced bonsai enthusiasts.  An e-newsletter is sent out monthly recapping meetings you might miss, with reminders about monthly bonsai tasks, and an update from the Society’s president.  Twice each year, members exhibit their finest bonsai trees during the Spring and Fall shows.

Members gather on the first Saturday each month at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston 77055.  The evening begins with  a 10:00 AM social that includes food and refreshments, followed by a 10:15 AM monthly meeting.  Monthly meetings include world-renowned guest speaker programs, “show and tell” demonstrations, and hands on workshops that inform and educate.

We hope you join us today to learn more, and to enjoy the friendships of others who share your interest in the privilege of bonsai cultivation!

The Houston Bonsai Society is affiliated with the regional Lone Star Bonsai Federation,  the National Bonsai Society, and the National Bonsai  Foundation, and the North American Bonsai Federation promoting and preserving  Bonsai in the USA and worldwide.

We Welcome YOU!

The word BONSAI (bone-sigh) means “plant in a pot,” an ancient living art form that began thousands of years ago in Asia.  Bonsai involves nurturing a tree in miniature, through pruning and shaping of branches and roots, to take on the appearance of an old tree in nature.

A rewarding and fulfilling pursuit, growing bonsai trees provides many years of artistic expression, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, a cultivation of inner patience and calmness of mind, and camaraderie with other grower artists.

Join us today!