We invite you to exhibit your bonsai trees, viewing stones and Kusamono at the 2019 American Bonsai Society and Lone Star Bonsai Federation joint convention, “Bonsai on the Bayou”, in Houston, Texas on April 11-14, 2019.  Prize money will be awarded in the following categories:

Category Award                     Category Award
ABS John Naka Award      $500 Best Broadleaf Evergreen           $150
Best in Show $500 Best Native Texas Bonsai $150
Best Conifer $150 Best Shohin Display $150
Best Deciduous $150 Best Viewing Stone Certificate
Best Shohin Tree $150 Best Kusamono Certificate
Best Tropical $150 People’s Choice Certificate


There are two forms: one for bonsai and one for Kusamono and viewing stones. Please use one form for each entry.  Deadline for entry submission is March 25, 2019.

Bonsai Exhibit Entry

Click here to download the Bonsai Exhibitor Entry Form


This Entry Form is designed to be completed electronically. Please save the completed form with a new filename, and email your entry to Hoe Chuah or it can be printed and mailed to the Houston Bonsai Society, P. O. Box 540727, Houston, TX 77254-0277. If you experience problems with the form, please email hoe.chuah@gmail.com.

There is an entry fee of $25 per entry, payable when the tree is accepted. Entry fee checks should be mailed to the Houston Bonsai Society at the address shown above.  The form is designed for one tree per entry unless you are entering a display that contains multiple trees, such as a Shohin group display.

Provide a photograph of your proposed entry from the front in either .pdf or .jpeg format. The photograph should be good quality but does not need to be professional.  The trees must be at the exhibition staging area between 12 noon and 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 11, 2019.  Displays may be removed from the exhibition hall beginning at 12 noon on April 14, 2019 and must be removed by 3:00 PM that day.

Kusamono and Viewing Stones Exhibit Entry

Click here to download the Kusamono and Viewing Stones Entry Form


Entries should arrive at the staging area between 12 noon and 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 11.  You can begin removing entries at 12 noon on Sunday, April 14; and they must be removed by 3:00 PM that day.  To promote interests in kusamono and viewing stones, there is no entry fee for these categories.

Forms may be emailed to hoe.chuah@gmail.com or may also be printed and mailed to the Houston Bonsai Society, P. O. Box 540727, Houston, TX 77254-0277.  A picture of the stone or kusamono must be included.

2019 Bonsai Bayou Commemorative Album

The Houston Bonsai Society is pleased to announce we will be publishing a hard bound, full color “Bonsai on the Bayou” commemorative album of the bonsai, kusamono and viewing stones exhibited at the convention.  We have hired a professional photographer to set up an on-site studio during the show to take high resolution photographs of your entries.  The front cover will feature the winning “Best of Show” bonsai.

To help get your bonsai, kusamono and viewing stones in the commemorative album a photo will be taken by our professional photographer in the on-site studio.  The cost for each photo shoot is $50. You will receive a very high-resolution image file which you can enlarge into poster size print without loss of resolution, and the image will appear in the commemorative album.  The final 10”x 8” hard cover commemorative album will have about 60 pages, will be printed on high quality paper and will contain all the detailed information regarding the exhibit.

Our volunteers will bring your exhibits to the studio for photographing on April 10 and 11 (Thursday and Friday), and return them to the exhibition hall.  You must pre-order the commemorative album as we will only print the exact number of copies ordered.  Cost is $40 per copy plus $7 mailing cost.


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