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The word BONSAI (bone-sigh) means “plant in a pot,” an ancient living art form that began thousands of years ago in Asia.

Bonsai involves nurturing a tree in miniature, through pruning and shaping of branches and roots, to take on the appearance of an old tree in nature.

A rewarding and fulfilling pursuit, growing bonsai trees provides many years of artistic expression, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, a cultivation of inner patience and calmness of mind, and camaraderie with other grower artists.

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Website:  www.houstonbonsaisociety.com

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Houston Bonsai Society

PO Box 540727, Houston, TX  77254-0277

Phone:  832-483-6036

Email: Houstonbonsai@gmail.com

HBS Board Members 
President Anthony Cutola  
1st Vice Pres. Janny Van Beem  
2nd Vice Pres. Nandita D’Souza  
Secretary Chris Lannen  
Publicity Ken Cousino  
Treasurer Gale Childers  
Webmaster Anthony Cutola  
Member at Large Paul Henderson  
Member at Large Scott Barboza  
Member at Large   Luis Tehran  
Member at Large Ellis Montes  
Member at Large James Fuller  
Member at Large    
Past President Pete Parker  
LSBF Delegates   
LSBF Delegate Hurley Johnson  
LSBF Alternate  Pete Parker  
Public Relations Ken Cousino  
Newsletter Editor Shawn Nguyen  
Web Site Anthony Cutola  
BCI Ambassador    
TTSBE Representative Alan Raymond