The Houston Bonsai Society is a member of the Lone Star Bonsai Federation, and affiliated with the American Bonsai Society, Bonsai Clubs International, and the National Bonsai Foundation, all organizations devoted to promoting and preserving  bonsai in the USA and worldwide.

Lone Star Bonsai Federation (LSBF)

The Lone Star Bonsai Federation was formed in 1980 to provide a venue for cooperation between the member clubs and to encourage the development of bonsai in the state of Texas. They accomplish this by providing support to various clubs who host the annual convention each year. They also provide funds, which help to sponsor the Texas Tour speakers brought in from around the country. The Houston Bonsai Society is a member of the Lone Star Bonsai Federation.

Learn more about the Federation at the LSBF Website.



Bonsai Clubs in Texas


Austin   Website
Corpus Christi   Website
Dallas   Website
Fort Worth   Website
Longview   Website
San Antonio   Website
Shohin Society   NA


Texas Bonsai Exhibit

Central Texas Bonsai Exhibit
The Central Texas Bonsai Exhibit is a public display of some of the finest Bonsai in the region.  This collection reflects a great variety of Bonsai styles.  Many of the traditional trees (maples, elms, pines) are used; however, the majority of the display focuses on trees native to Central and South Texas.  By seeing the beauty of tropical and subtropical Bonsai trees, viewers can explore the potential of bringing Bonsai into an indoor environment, where it can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Texas State Bonsai Exhibit
TTSBE has been working closely with the City of Austin and to find a home for the Texas State Bonsai Exhibit at Zilker Gardens. The TTSBE intends to develop the site within Zilker into a living exhibit, museum, and education center dedicated to the ancient art of bonsai.  For additional information or to donate to the organization:

Click here for more information on joining and a map to the exhibit.