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All workshops are limited to 8 participants unless otherwise noted.



Workshop #1: Twisted Trunk Shimpaku Juniper with Danny Coffey – These field grown Kishu Shimpaku with fantastic movement, excellent lines and lots of branches.  Material provided.  Cost $275.



Workshop #2: Trident Maple Forest with Brussel Martin – This workshop provides everything needed for a 7-11 tree trident maple forest.  The trees range from 3-8 years old, heights 8- 20”, caliper 1/2” to 2”.  Head over to Brussel’s vendor table early to purchase your trees and pot and then put it all together at his workshop. Must purchase material from Artist/Vendor in advance.  Cost $60.



Workshop #3: Japanese Red Pine with Jonas Dupuich – Learn about the annual maintenance cycle for red pine and begin developing your tree in the workshop with this well-known pine artist.  Material provided.  Cost $150.



Workshop #4: Satsuki Azalea with David Kreutz – These Satsuki were hand picked by David from some of the largest nurseries in Japan.  Visit David’s table early to pick out the tree you’d like to style in his workshop.  Must purchase material from Artist/Vendor in advance.  Cost $60.


Workshop #5: Kusamono and Accent Plants with Sooncheng Cheah – Kusamono is an art unto itself, and here in Houston we’re fortunate to have the National Champion Kusamono artist teaching this workshop.  Material provided.  Cost $100.




Workshop #6: Bucida Spinosa with Enrique Castaño – These tropicals thrive along the Gulf Coast, put on a great floral display in the spring, and ramify readily with large, horizontal pads of foliage.  Field grown material available for this workshop collected Northern Mexico.  Material provided.  Cost $325.




Workshop #7: Shimpaku Juniper with Carlos Santiago – These field grown trees have delicate movement, are 10-14” tall and have 1 1/2 – 2” caliper trunks.  Houston artist Carlos Santiago will help guide you through initial styling of this material and teach you how to make it thrive in a Gulf Coast climate.  Material provided.  Cost $150.



Workshop #8: Collected Multi-Trunk Cedar Elm with Boonyarat Manakitivipart – One of the best native elms in the US to work with is Ulmus crassifolia, Texas’ own native Cedar elm. They have wonderful bark, produce good fall color, ramify readily and the leaves reduce nicely.  Material provided.  Cost $350.



Workshop #9: Carving Broadleaf Hardwood Trees with Will Baddeley – Done well, carving can help give your tree a natural, aged appearance that adds tremendous value. Done poorly, carving can set the tree back irreparably.  We have some wonderful collected Cedar elm as well as some 2-4” caliper field grown Crepe Myrtles to work with in this all-day workshop.  Learn the craft from a real master.  Please bring your own carving tools.  Carving bits will be provided that you can try.  Material provided.  Cost $300.


Workshop #10: Specimen Kishu Shimpaku with Ryan Neil – Field grown, twisted trunk Shimpaku are old and a rare find.  Ryan himself suggested this material for the workshop.  Caliper 2-3”, height 24-30” with strong movement, a great trunk line and outstanding branching.  Space is limited, so register early.  Maximum 6 people.  Material provided.  Cost $675.



Workshop #11: Pot Making with Byron Myrick – In Byron’s workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating slab pots.  Byron has a selection of glaze samples you can choose for your pots. After the workshop, Byron will take the pots back to his studio where he will fire and glaze them for you. Pots arrive at your address within a couple of weeks. Maximum 10 people.  Material provided.  Cost $100.


Workshop #12: Shohin Buttonwood with Enrique Castaño – Buttonwood are a tropical that can exhibit fantastic deadwood features.  They make for fantastic shohin trees and Enrique has a nice selection to work with for this workshop.  Material provided.  Cost $175.

Workshop #13: Bring Your Own Tree with Boonyarat Manakitivipart – Got a tree that needs a little help?  Bring it to this workshop and let Boon help you with your initial design or with just “tweaking.”  Cost $100.


Workshop #14: Collected Bald Cypress with Clark Long – Louisiana artist, Clark Long, has been collecting and styling Bald Cypress bonsai for a long time and learned the art from some of the pioneers with this material.  We’re very fortunate to have Clark among our vendors and he has an awesome selection of Bald Cypress to choose from.  Must purchase material from Artist/Vendor in advance.  Cost $60.


Note: Aluminum wire is provided for all workshops.  You will need to bring your own tools, turntable, ect. in order to style your bonsai.

Registration is handled online and opens at 12:00 Midnight CDT on September 15th. 

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